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Christian Life Coaching at Soul Care Therapy


Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Faith | Ian Batten's Story

Ian Batten - Christian Life Coach/Minister

Ian Batten - Christian Life Coach/Minister

Introduction and Background:

- The page introduces Ian Batten, a certified life coach/minister, cancer survivor, and Christian motivational speaker.

- Ian shares his challenging journey from birth, childhood struggles, involvement in a cult, encounter with God, battle with cancer, and ongoing health challenges.

From Struggles to Strength: Ian's Journey of Resilience

- Ian recounts facing challenges from birth, struggles in school, involvement in a harmful cult, and a transformative encounter with God that changed his perspective.
- He shares his battle with testicular cancer, societal rejection, loss of job, and the impact of cancer on his family history.
- Despite setbacks, Ian shares his decision to discontinue chemotherapy, a divine intervention, ongoing health struggles, and the formation of the African Survivor Foundation to help others facing similar challenges.

  Inspiration and Faith:
- Ian emphasizes the importance of hope, faith, and perseverance in overcoming adversity.
- He highlights the role of Jesus Christ in his life, his determination to inspire others, and his pursuit of education to further his mission.

Current Challenges and Resilience:
- Ian discusses his current battle with a brain tumor, ongoing chemotherapy, facial surgeries, social challenges, and determination to continue fighting and inspiring others.
- He shares his commitment to breaking stigmas, offering coaching programs, and spreading hope through faith-based initiatives.

Key Message:
- Ian's story serves as a testament to resilience, faith, and the power of hope in overcoming life's challenges.

My Life's Journey to Hell and back

My Life's Journey to Hell and back

My Journey of my life - through hell and back

"I faced numerous challenges when I was born." After several days of labor, I was born through the use of steel forceps by the doctors. This resulted in brain damage to the left side of my temporal lobe/cortex. this is just a brief outline of my journey. Otherwise, it would be a novel.

My Experience of Growing Up Different.

My childhood was marked by feelings of being different and bouts of intense anger. Although I was raised in a loving Christian household, my memories of early childhood are vague. My recollections only date back to around age ten, when I was sandwiched between my older brother and younger sister as the middle child.

Despite struggling in school, I persevered and managed to pass only three out of nine subjects in Standard 6 (Grade 8). I was cained and scolded by teachers every day for failing my tests etc. (From std 6 to Matric – Grades 8 – 12)I was called stupid, idiot, and other vial names every day by those teachers who were supposed to have taught me. I was told that my life wouldn’t amount to much as I was stupid and couldn’t pass anything. The teachers who subjected me to so much physical abuse that my backside was sometimes left looking like a hamburger patty were responsible for my eventual diagnosis of Dyslexia.

You can get the full article of my life journey by sending an email. Just click on the email link provided. 


Engage with Ian Batten: Q&A Opportunity

This platform offers you, as a visitor, the opportunity to inquire about Ian's journey, coaching methodology, or initiatives rooted in faith. These inquiries can yield valuable insights. To initiate this interaction, kindly click on the WhatsApp button below.

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